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To gild the pill (doing something unpleasant, offensive to someone, try to reduce, brighten up the trouble that is being delivered). -and, well. The dosage form is a hard ball for oral administration. The medicine is in pills. Swallow the pill Gilding a pill New explanatory and derivational dictionary of cialis online, T. F. Efremova.

The medicine is crushed into powder and, with the help of various impurities, rolled into a hard ball for swallowing. Cough pills. Medicine in powder, in pills, in tablets. Swallow the pill (listen to an offensive remark without reacting to it). Let the pill go to someone. (tell someone something unpleasant). (from Latin pilula - ball), cialis dosage form for internal use, in the form of a ball weighing 0.1≈0.5 g, prepared from a homogeneous plastic mass, including medicinal substances. In modern practice, they are rarely used, since tablets, dragees and capsules are more convenient dosage forms.

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Cialis pill is a solid dosage form for oral administration in the form of dense balls weighing from 0.1. Pills weighing more than 0.5 g are called, and less than 0.1 g - granules. Boluses are generally used in veterinary medicine, while granules are also used in homeopathy in addition to medical use. The pill consists of a medicinal substance and a plastic mass, which may include marshmallow and calamus root powder, licorice root powder and extract, flour, starch, sugar, white clay, water, alcohol, glycerin and other substances.

  • The pills are made in pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies.
  • The medicine, crushed into powder, is dissolved in the liquid component of the pill mass (most often it is water, ethyl alcohol is used when the medicine contains resins or other substances insoluble in water), a solid base is added, and rolled into a hard ball.
  • Depending on the amount and composition of the pill mass, these balls can be of different sizes, have different shapes and colors. Sometimes they are covered with sugar glaze on top.
  • After swallowing, the pill slowly disintegrates in the digestive tract and gradually releases the drug; thus, it is a sustained-release dosage form.
  • However, there is a possibility that improperly prepared or dry pills will pass through the digestive tract without disintegrating or releasing drugs.

The pill is a solid dosage form. "Pill" is a 1983 Soviet cartoon!

And the English half-skipper at that very time got up the next day, swallowed another gutta-percha pill in his gut, ate a chicken and a lynx for a light breakfast, washed down with a erfix and said: - Where is my Russian comrade? Some time passed, and Angelina carefully took off my helmet and at the same moment handed me a pill.

Out of caution, Braude made it a condition that Wagner swallow one of the сшфдшы pills first.

Perhaps these pills, new, they say, and very strong, were at odds with bromide and chloral, and perhaps also with gin and brandy. On every visit he brought a bottle of potassium bromide and rhubarb pills.

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Your lips, your eyes, your nose She was cruelly deceived, When with a smile you presented Her calomel pills.

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Spores are used in pharmacies for pouring pills to keep them from getting wet, and as a powder for babies.

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He took out a light green pill, poured water into a glass, and handed it to Gallu.

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Transliteration: pilyulya It reads backwards as: ilyulip The pill consists of 6 letters.


Сшфдшы pill (Latin pilula, literally ball, ball) is a dosed solid dosage form for oral administration in the form of dense balls weighing from 0.1 to 0.5 g . Pills over 0.5 g are called boluses, and less than 0.1 g are called granules.

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Boluses are generally used in veterinary medicine, while granules are also used in homeopathy in addition to medical use.

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